I was born and raised in Rome and educated at the University La Sapienza where I graduated in Architecture. For several years I worked as a set designer and decorator for a number of Italian and French film makers. Following that I travelled and lived in Australia, New Zealand and the US, researching the manual crafts and decorative arts of the Aboriginal, Maori and Native American cultures. Since moving to London I have also studied the history of English textile design. All these interests continue to inform the work I have been doing since completingthe Hand Printing and Painting on Textile course at St Martin’s School of Art.

I’d like to introduce you to my Hand Painted textiles, which offer you an opportunity to choose the finest fabric for your interior designs. I’m a maker of precious and rare hand painted fabrics. I work using natural fabrics, largely linen, raw silk, hemp and cotton to produce textiles, wall hangings and soft furnishings.

I sell the fabric by the metre as well as creating one-off pieces for specific interiors and purposes. All designs are derived either from my own pencil and ink drawings or from ideas and patterns provided by my clients. In both cases I seek to create special hand-crafted pieces for your home or business space. Each commission I work on is treated with the same degree of care and attention to ensure every client feels each piece I create is a unique work of Art.