"Fabric designer, Chiara Grifantini is a maker of precious
and rare hand-painted fabric.
She creates beautiful unique hand-painted textiles inspired by
her studies and travels around the world."
I'm an instinctive artist and my trend is the
spontaneous expression of the fantasy in general.
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Originally from Rome, Chiara’s background as both an architect and interior designer has given her a skilled lens through

which to understand space and composition.


Travelling often with her family as a child, Chiara had deeply influential opportunities to absorb artistic traditions and crafts from around the world.


Describing these as “treasures for my eyes,” each place brought new inspiration:

India “the land of colours, Turkey filled with “intriguing patterns,” and Guatemala’s rich textiles.

As an adult, following “her husband’s movements for his business, Chiara had an opportunity to live in America, Australia, and New Zealand,

inspiring experiences in which she was exposed to the

“manual crafts and decorative arts of the Aboriginal, Maori and Native American cultures.”


These travels gave birth not only to a love of colour, but also a research-based interest in the various visual arts traditions.

Today, her work continues to be colour and composition led --- filtered through her own Roman lens--- which appreciates

a patina of the past as inherent to the canvas.

And then, as if by magic, the finished c
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“Chiara Grifantini is truly blurring the boundaries between
 art, design and craft.”

"There is something special about  handcrafted

products where every piece has an individual flavour."

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Every piece I create is unique_.jpe

Textile Collection painted by hand